Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Do you need more information? Please feel free to contact Moondust Design.

What design services do you offer?

Moondust Design Company offers a range of professional graphic design services from logo design to an entire brand design concept. Basically Moondust can assist with anything that needs to be designed, across all media; screen, print, newspaper, signage, buildings, shop fronts, merchandise, packaging, fabric patterns and stickers, as well as illustration, photo manipulation work, restoring photos, image editing and t-shirt designs. Offering creative design solutions for national and international clients, Moondust delivers a fresh and innovative approach, with the utmost appeal, to captivate your audience and deliver your desired image and brand message.

Do you offer freelance graphic design?

Moondust can assist you with design, whether you require an entire branding strategy one-off design, in this way they offer the flexibility of freelance graphic design. Freelance graphic design is more cost effective as there are no large commitments or retainers .

Do you offer web page design?

Moondust Design Company offers a range of web page design and related solutions to suit a wide variety of small to medium businesses. With a solid approach to web development, Moondust bases all principles of design on a deep understanding of your aims and objectives, as well as an appreciation of your target audience. A great website makes a big difference to prospective customers who may be seeing your organisation for the first time. A Moondust web page design is not just eye candy – it serves as an effective business tool- designed to fulfil a purpose and satisfy a genuine business need.

Do you offer entire brand design concepts?

Let Moondust Design help you to build your brand identity through professional brand design - whether it is an entire branding strategy from print to the web or simply your business cards. You may wish to build a new brand from scratch or seek assistance with the strategic re-branding of your organisation or a particular product or department. Your talented graphic designer at Moondust can assist you, offering a comprehensive range of in-house services that accommodate virtually all forms of visual communication and branding. Moondust makes it easier for you with a tailored approach to suit your requirements!

Why is logo design important?

A logo, symbol or image sends a message about the company or business it represents. It can effectively help sell services or products to the public. A lot of consumers associate the company with this identifier and become attached and loyal to it. The point of a logo design is to visually express those traits and characteristics in the simplest form.

How do I get started?

Contact Moondust for more information or for a FREE initial consultation and quote to start the process.

How much will it cost?

First the Moondust team needs to find out a bit more about you and your requirements and then a solution can be tailored to you, considering the following:

  1. What type of service you require?
  2. What you want to achieve?
  3. What your budget is?
  4. What your ideal timeframe of completion is?
  5. Whether you have the necessary material for the task?

Your information and feedback on the above will be reviewed and assessed, then hours will be estimated and you will receive a full comprehensive quote.

How long will it take?

It depends on the project complexity and current queue but timelines for completion are clearly stated in your quote. Moondust works with clients to meet realistic deadlines for the completion of creative design work.

Will I receive a copy of my design?

Moondust likes to do things differently to other designers, in that you will receive a copy of your design files in all formats, which will make your life easier moving forward.

Why should I choose Moondust?

With Moondust Design you are assured a trustworthy and reliable partner that delivers!

  • Innovative approach to design
  • Philosophy of understanding
  • Protect your brand identity and image
  • Range of superior creative design services
  • Offering solutions nationally & internationally
  • Your professional design partner
  • Conveniently liaising with suppliers for you
  • Cost effective- no large agency retainers
  • Flexible, reliable and on-time service

The Moondust team were born for design, with bubbling passion and creativity in their blood. They live for your satisfaction, in creating something truly beautiful and stand-out for your organisation.

Graphic Design Perth

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