How we work

Moondust Design is here to help you. You are looking for design expertise and experience to assist you with something you cannot find the time or resources to do yourself. Find out more about what to expect when working with Moondust; the process and your part in the equation.

Let’s Get Things Started

Contact Moondust for more information or for a FREE initial consultation and quote to start the process.
Keep in mind the following:

  1. What type of service you require? E.g. logo design, brand design etc.
  2. What you want to achieve? E.g. to create a new image or achieve a particular goal.
  3. What your budget is? Give a ballpark figure so a package can be tailored to fit you.
  4. What your ideal timeframe of completion is?
  5. Whether you have the necessary material for the task? E.g. images, copy etc.

Getting Back to You

Your information and feedback on the above will be reviewed and assessed, then hours will be estimated and you will receive a full comprehensive quote.

Your Design in the Making

Once you are happy to move forward, sign your acceptance of the quote and pay your deposit things are on their way. Depending on the design solution required your graphic designer will require a few things from you

The Big Reveal

Your graphic designer will be in touch along the way and the exciting day will come for the big reveal. You will get a few concepts to choose from and this is when you get the chance to give your feedback and be an active part of the process. For greater efficiency you will more than likely receive this via email.

“We are committed to your satisfaction and happiness; and we are confident that you will like the concept, as we have paid close attention to your vision throughout the process. Please take comfort in that there are also further opportunities to refine the design to your desires.” Moondust

Ongoing Communication & Support

Moondust is committed to ongoing communication and support. Each quote and invoice has our full terms & conditions attached, for a copy please ask us and one will be emailed or posted to you. If you have queries or need some advice along the way the friendly team is available to help out.

Moondust Design

For more information on freelance graphic design, advertisement design, logo design, brochure design, brand design, web page design, or other creative design services in Perth please contact Moondust Design Perth.